Trade Data Intelligence for Governments

Whether you are working to recover trade evasion, spot illegal trade activities, or trade
promotion, our global trade data intelligence solution for government will help you take better, faster decisions..

  • Recover tariff evasion
    Analyze tax evasion by a company, importer, exporter and recover lost revenue
  • Spot Illegal Trade Activities
    With our trade data for government, do real-time customs targeting of fiscal, security, narcotics, intellectual property, and other threats
  • Determine beneficial infrastructure developments
    Monitor transportation usage by various companies & develop a plan accordingly
  • Identify Potential Investors
    Create a list of potential investors and entrepreneurs who are already active in your area and will be good for your programs
  • Build Programs that Benefits Trade
    Use the most updated trade data to build programs that address needs of the trade participants
  • Monitor changes in economic activity
    Assess impact and return of public investments, policies and improve planning
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Effective Trade Promotion

Trade Exim SolutionsIntel Intel will give you data of over 60 million trade transactions and details
of over 3 million Importers and Exporters globally.