Trade Data Intelligence for Investment Firms

Trade Exim Solutions Intel will provide trade data intelligence solutions for your investment firm to help
you determine a potential company’s operations & ensure smart investing.

  • Identify new investment opportunities
    Create a list of companies and markets of interest with our extensive trade data for investment firms
  • Understand a potential company’s operations
    Determine the shipment trends, trade volume, and business partners of a company before investing
  • Track companies already invested in
    Track complete trading activities (acting as leading indicators for financial performance) of your portfolio companies
  • Data Feeds for Risk Modeling
    Use transactional and macro trade data directly into your risk models for comprehensive risk analysis
  • Get real-time updates on important shipments
    Keep a track of important shipments related to your customers, competition and product
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Trade Exim SolutionsIntel Intel will give you data of over 60 million trade transactions and details
of over 3 million Importers and Exporters globally.