Trade Data Intelligence for Law Firms

Trade Exim Solutions Intel will provide trade data intelligence solutions for your law firms that will help
you prepare your case better

  • Defend your clients with accurate data
    You get updated data regarding shipments, origin, destination, trade volume to make your case stronger
  • Determine compliance with regulations
    Our extensive trade data for Law Firms will help you check for compliance with regulations in supply chains or identify trademark infringement
  • Track activities of suppliers bound by exclusivity agreements
    Monitor activities of your clients’ suppliers bound by legal agreements for exclusivity
  • Monitor your clients’ competitors
    Track the trading activities of your client’s competitors, their product classification, etc.
  • Get real-time updates on important shipments
    Keep a track of important shipments related to your customers, competition and product
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Trade Exim SolutionsIntel Intel will give you data of over 60 million trade transactions and details
of over 3 million Importers and Exporters globally.