Trade Data Intelligence for Finance Institutions

Trade Exim Solutions Intel’s trade data intelligence solutions for trade finance institutions will help you
find reliable prospects for your business and monitor your portfolios.

  • Identify prospects for trade finance
    Gain trade intelligence on the growing companies and regions that are good candidates for trade finance
  • Track historical trade of applicants
    Track trends in trading partners, volumes, products, locations, trade routes of your applicants
  • Get details on every trade transaction
    Get up to 30 data points on every trade transaction to assess its risk better at the level of each transaction
  • Monitor your portfolio
    With extensive trade data for trade finance institutions, track trading activities of your existing clients and use the intelligence for active risk management
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Trade Exim SolutionsIntel Intel will give you data of over 60 million trade transactions and details
of over 3 million Importers and Exporters globally.